Greetings from Valliammai Womens College,

With a noble ambition to promote and propagate women's education and with a sense of concern and commitment to the society at large, VALLIAMMAI WOMEN'S COLLEGE was started during the year 2010 – 2011 by the philanthropic minded Trustees of VALLIAMMAI EDUCATIONAL and CHARITABLE TRUST , CHIDAMBARAM.

AIM of Our College

" The college aims at serving for the improvement of the standard of women in Tamilnadu with the help of education .This woman’s college in the rural area in villupuram district provides life oriented education along with job avenues which will result in generation of enlightened woman with abundant force of aspiration and ambition suitable in accordance with the realities of life. "

Vision of Our College

" To mold every individual student who leave its portals into humane socially responsible and professionally successful woman who can envision her future and strive towards perfection without compromising on moral and ethical values. "

Mission of Our College

"To help young students grow into confident creative, emotionally balanced and professional woman by nurturing their all-round and excellent education system that is dynamic and innovative to woman from all sections of society. ."